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Technology Services Nationwide

CSN1 Technologies is a multifaceted technology service division that has over 30 years of experience in the industry. The affiliates of CSN1 Technologies span the industry, from computer and audio-visual rentals, to computer repair services and video surveillance systems. There are virtually no technology needs that CSN1 couldn't handle. So contact on of our divisions and get the professional services you need.

Computer & AV Rental Services

Headquartered at 6730 Roosevelt Ave, Middletown, Ohio 45005 [near Dayton and Cincinnati], Rentacomputer.com celebrates 30 years in the Technology Rental Industry. Rentacomputer.com works in over 1500 cities worldwide with hundreds of LOCAL installers and computer/av rental companies.


Video Surveillance Services

The technology we sell is not the same type of video equipment that you can get at the nearest retail store. While the products these places sell are inexpensive, the old saying 'you get what you pay for' reigns true with security camera systems. By utilizing us as your source for video surveillance equipment, we will offer you quotes on professional grade equipment only.

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Computer & Tech Services

ComputerServiceNow.com coordinates multiple vendors with one point of contact. One invoice from one vendor. Not 10 invoices from 10 vendors. Computer Service Now can make you life much easier if you are handling multiple office technology and you are not a tech. You're a VP or an executive who got saddled with coordinating computer vendors.


Renting Tablets For Business or Personal Use

Rent Our Tablets has been in the tablet rental industry since its inception. Renting the most popular tablets on the market such as Apple iPads Microsoft Surface and various android based tablets.


Renting Laptops For Business or Personal Use

Renting Laptops is the most cost effective way to obtain laptops quickly and on a short term basis, and you can Rent laptops for business or personal use. Whether you need 1 Laptop or 1000 laptops, RentOurLaptops.com can get you the right Laptop Rental for any temporary need.


Projector Rentals Made Easy

Anyone who has ever setup a training program, convention or trade show knows how hard it is to get all the technology on-site, up and running, without problems, before the event occurs. For example how many times have you had problems getting your laptop to 'talk' to the projector.


Event Technology Coordinators and Suppliers

Tech Travel Agents coordinate all of the logistics involved with technology rentals for corporate events and training. Tech Travel Agents work with clients to procure all the necessary equipment needed for these events around the nation.


Web Design, Hosting and SEO Services

Established in 1998 as CSN1Design, the name changed to Xponex Media in 2003. Xponex Media generates content for blogs and websites, generally in computer and SMB related industries.


Installers, Engineers and Technicians

The Tech-Army is a vast network of skilled technicians with a variety of skill sets, all ready to service your technological needs � wherever you are.


Technology for Convention Center Events

The technology agents at ConventionVendor.com specialize in procuring technology for events being held at top notch convention centers around the United States. Event planners utilize our agents to handle all the logistics of temporary technology procurement and installation.


News of, for and by the people of Monroe, Ohio

MainStreetMonroe.com is a Monroe, Ohio community website dedicated to keeping Monroe residents up to date on the latest happenings in Monroe. It is also the home of the extremely popular discussion board, The Voice.


Middletown, Ohio News and Office Space

MiddletownUSA.com is a Middletown, Ohio community website dedicated to keeping Middletown residents up to date on the latest happenings in their city. Additionally Middletown USA offers professional office space for rent.

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